Joy of self-portrait

Why do I think, that it is useful and even important to take pictures of yourself with professional camera and not enjoy selfies exclusively. 


You always know, how to look good on selfies. You have your standard postures and facial expressions, that you've got used to and feel comfortable with. The thing is, that you don't walk around like that all the time. Others see you in completely different moods and angles. So basically, you escape the reality, you lose the feedback of seeing who you really are. 

We are so quick to judge others when we see them. "Oh this one has weak posture, he has weak self-confidence, this one has somehow shabby performance, I wouldn't trust to what she's saying". But we never use a chance to see what kind of message we are transferring to reality.  We are very happy with one perfect aspect of ourselves - our frozen face on the selfie.


For me, it is also very important to have this kind of feedback. This is why I make videos, advanced selfies (that means they are not taken by smartphone held in hands, but rather with a tripod and the whole picture doesn't look like selfie at all) or I ask my friends to make some small shootings with me. 


The last time I discovered, I had very tired eyes. This helped me to trust to my body, that was telling me I had to rest. Otherwise, I didn't believe to my family, who were telling me constantly I needed to stop and rest. 


You never know, what you may discover, but it is always better to see the reality the way it is and work on it. With a professional photographer, who doesn't allow you to freeze in your poses you may really discover a lot.